Tuesday, 23 July 2013

We're Going to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo

Ben and I headed to the Woburn Safari Park a few Saturdays ago to celebrate his arrival home after living in Denmark for six months. We began our day at the zoo by doing the safari and boy, did we pick a scorcher of a day to sit in a non-air conditioned car for two hours! It reached 35 degrees in the car and we ended up being two very sweaty Betty's... Sexy! 

As soon as I spotted the first glimpse of a rhino, I turned in to a child again, pressing my face up against the window, in awe of the animals and taking way too many pictures (much to Ben's annoyance). Being inches away from free roaming lions is cool and having giraffes walk right next to the car is exciting! 

Ben was very excited to see his favourite animal :-)

What a cute little dear thing! 

Whilst we were there we there, I roped Ben in to feeding the exotic birds in the hot house. It was empty as it was about 40 degrees inside due to the heat. Anyway, we bought our little pots of nectar and headed on in with a warning that the birds may not be hungry due to the heat. However, they lapped it all up! One bird had a little accident on Ben that made him look like he had an accident... I did take a picture but I'll save him the embarrassment by posting it on the internet ;-)

Clearly way too happy to be feeding the birdies! 

We also checked out the monkey enclosure which allowed you to walk in with them and although they were shy, I was still able to take some pretty decent shots of the cheeky monkeys. I just wanted to take one of them home and call him Marseille! (If you watch Friends then I hope you appreciate this). 

Overall it was a perfect day spend with the boyfriend! I was absolutely shattered that I almost fell asleep in the car on the way home! I can't wait for our next day trip out! 

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